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Unless you’ve been living under 오래된 만화사이트추천 a rock for the past century, you’re undoubtedly aware of some of the most famous cartoon characters of all time, such as Toy Story, Curious George, Daffy Bunny, and The Associates LLP. But not every animated movie was a smash hit. Some were met with such negative reception that they were quickly discontinued, or worse, never made available to the public at all.

A lot of weird animations have come and gone over the past 80 years, and we’re going to take a quick look at a few of them. Extensive research and the sacrifice of intellectual capital yielded these priceless gems.

The animated series The Big World of Little Adam debuted that year, 1964. On January 1 of that year, it was first released to the public. Adam, a kid, was the star of the program as he set out on an adventure across the galaxy.

This cartoon was appropriate given the national fascination with Gemini and the space program at the time. Even though over a hundred episodes were made, we eventually became tired of the location, and the animation is now totally hidden from view. The awful theme song is all that remains, and it can be heard and downloaded on the internet.

A movie titled “My Dream Is Yours” premiered in theaters that year. In one sequence of this film, Bugs Bunny tries to inspire a little boy. Later, when Doris Day and Jack Carson are dressed as bunnies, he may be seen singing a duet with them. Due to widespread 온라인 만화사이트 추천 distaste, it hasn’t aired on national television in the United States in nearly 40 years.

You don’t have to travel outside to see exceptional animations; Russia produced 400 propaganda films that year alone. None of these cartoons were ever shown to anyone else. They were made with the express purpose of swaying the opinions of the Russian people. To highlight the differences between Russian and American ways of thinking, these cartoons ridiculed everything from capitalism and fascism to the United States and its beliefs in general. Nobody knows what became of these animations after they were made more than eighty years ago.

These are but a few examples of the vast canon of offbeat cartoons that has been lost or is largely recognized outside of niche audiences.

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